Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Working X-Mas

It is not surprising to find me in my computer ready to work. Even though it is X-Mas Eve, there is work to do. Client follow-ups, production to take care for, seeking for that perfect project that will make us famous.
I'll have to get the mashed potatoes ready by 5pm considering that there is a lot to do before and after that; salad and bread just to name a few stuff to do.
Jacob is working with Esther pictures, the CD covers and the lyrics, we still do not know what is the picture that will sell all it, however we do know that the winning shot is there.
I can't wait to be in Austin....I want to enjoy the cold weather. Monterrey is a little bit sunny but the weather makes you it really X-Mas? I do not have to wear a jacket, I'm wearing a t-shirt and it seems fine. I wish that the cold weather be here by evening.
Is it beginning to look a lot like Christmas? Anyways, Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Cart in the Alley

5th Street.-

I didn't know we wanted a supermarket cart. But when we got there, it was inevitable, we wanted it and we needed it to be part of the picture. But that was not the only thing I was uncertain about...we found a box of Idaho Potatos, "World Greatest" or so they say...perfect for the bad apples Esther had brought.
It was cold, much more than we could imagine. And I still admire Esther for being perfect and appearing to be hot when the temperature was at: 36 F.
Getting it done took about 1 hour, and I must say we were pretty quick and the results are one of my own personal favorites.
Yet another success.