Friday, November 27, 2009

Austin Monthly Magazine - 4/4 photo shoot

Last photo shoot of the 4 that were programmed.
It is rare but this photo shoot was the first one to be scheduled and the one I thought would be quicker to do. NOT!
This photo shoot was complicated because there was barely enough room for the equipment of the Gyrotonics, our equipment and their people and us. But, Diego made it.

You will see that I cannot do miracles with my CoolPix Camera but I can sure have some BTS shots.
Here goes:

Note to the readers: Love the way the reflection looks in the final shot.

Austin Monthly Magazine - 3/4 photo shoot

I forgot my camera did not have the memory card for photo shoot number 2 but, anyways, number 3 was tricky.
When I came home to my apartment on Monday at 10 pm (after photo shoot number 2 and...) having a delicious Mighty Fine Burger, I had a voice mail in my phone. It said "Hello, Dany the owner at the gym can meet you at 8 am instead of 5-6 pm, so lets do meet at 8". OMG!!!! I managed to do all the changes in 30 minutes. So, I managed to get ahold of MUA, Hair Stylist, Photo Editor and Art Director and we arranged to meet at 8 am in the location.
Improvising was a main thing to do. And we did.
Everything went as if it was planned...I cannot wait to see the final results in the magazine!
By the way, it was windy and you can see it!
So, here are two pictures of Day 2, Photo shoot 3:

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Austin Monthly Magazine - 1/4 photo shoot

Not the final shot on lightning and details...but we are getting there. ;D
The final shot looks waaaay different. Still, I wanted to publish myself hehe.

Last Monday photo shoot.
So, I promised to stay in touch and also keep updating my blog as I used to. Here goes.
Monday 24, 2009 7 am.
Location: Public Boat Ramp at 360 Bridge.
With a freezing weather, I was prepared to go in the water and so I did. I must say that Diego was the bravest to get in the water first. As you can see in the photo below, vapor was coming out of the water, the Sun finally came up.

On site pictures...Diego and team are following models across Lake Austin. I love the way this shot looks because it captures how the work is being done.

Finally, the male model in his paddle board. Last shot before wrapping up.

Paddle Board - Behind the Scenes for January 2010 from Dany Gutierrez on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

4 Photo shoots in 1 - the Producing

Yesterday I was hired to produce 4 photo shoots in 1 week.
I love this feeling of anxiousness! So, I have to consider 4 different sports, 8 different locations, 8 different models too! Would you believe that? Well, this is no biggy! 3 tips to follow:

1. Arrange everything by contacts; phone number, e-mail or address.
If you have one way to contact them, do so. Spend less time on dropping by and being told that they are busy to meet you. Get ahead or what they may say.

2. Treat every single person as you would like to be treated.
When you contact people, the ball is in their court. They are working with you to work for someone else. So, collaborate and be cool to each of them.

3. Keep in touch with the Art Director and Photographer.
They both will have other many things in their mind and although they are the creative and you are the one that executes, your work and their work combines perfectly. Give answers, not questions. Solve issues and do not bring them even more that what they have.

Until then!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Be Prepared for the Unpredictable

We were so ready yesterday. Location in mind, shot in camera and as the Weather Channel predicted, "NO SUNLIGHT".
This is were it turns out to be tricky.
We were prepared on location, 3-4 weeks ago. Diego and I scouted for it and loved it. 6th street between Waller and Attayac in East Side Austin were I have photographed on my own before.
The shot on Diego's mind was ready when we got there: Facing towards 6th street going from East to West. There was no Sun, so the lightning got set-up as you can see here:

I personally think this is the moment when you know how creative or how determined is the photographer. Diego instead faced North going on South and focused on another wall. Even though it was not the first thing on his mind, he pulled it off. You can see the second direction in these photos:

You can see how the sunlight hits the street now that the Sun decided to come out.

By the way,
The final shots are fantastic! Still not online but will post them later.
Make it work is my motto. Just try and pull it off.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bastard - BTS

Finally I had time. I hate it when this things happen. But I was way to busy.
So, if you check Diego's blog frequently, you would know and must have seen the picture: Empire Assasin / Bastard. And if you haven't see the picture here.

These pictures are part of one of the first manipulated photographs has made. He has said many times that he is a photographer and not an illustrator. And I believe that too. However, I must congratulate him for his incredible work in this photograph because everything was shot in different places, with different people and many Storm Troopers. Inspired by Mexican drug cartels and mafia, the photograph comes true.

I do have to say, I admire this photograph and what is behind it. I believe that a true photographer does it all by himself. So, in this photograph, Diego did it all. He was in charge of everything, with 1 assistant/producer (me) in order to keep the costs down, Diego did it again. That is true devotion to work.

I love OH! Thanks for your hospitality!
Carrying the costumes around was indeed an adventure!

Sneak Peek of what happened BTS:

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

FiveRedWoods - Behind the Scenes

The following presentation is sponsored by @fiveredwoods. Absolutely love their clothes! Beautiful! and what is best...100% Environmentally Friendly! This is it people! The new trend to follow.

FiveRedwoods from Diego Huerta on Vimeo.

What's important to know about this production? There are no limits! Yes, even though some may say that they, money is not a problem, feeling tired is not a problem and of course, getting wet is never a problem! But, if you are going into water, I highly recommend using water boots, they are fashionable and very useful! I so missed my yellow boots! :D

This production was made in 3 days: the first day was tiring but, we did learn that sometimes you just have to improvise, weather and sunset may turn your back against you. The second day was INCREDIBLE! People, if work is demanded on a it! It is great to work and to have fun working, so instead of whining...enjoy it! A little cup of coffee or even really early morning pancakes make the difference. Last, we had to shoot every single t-shirt separately. How to do it in an orderly manner? Divide it by colors, by sizes and think that you have 4 hands instead of 2. At least, I thought that. As soon as Diego shot the photo, I was changing t-shirt, making arrangements for the others that were next and putting it all back together in the rack where they hanged. You must be prepared that it may take from 5 hours of your afternoon, but the final product will be beautiful! And, as a background, consider SUPER WHITE. The way to go.