Wednesday, December 8, 2010

PDN Photography Virtual Event feat: Allen Murabayashi

I took the "PDN Photography Virtual Event" today and I listened to Allen Murabayashi, co-founder of

Here are some notes:

Your website is a marketing tool.
Does it meet audience needs?
Social media tools: FB and Twitter
SEO friendly / Friendly
Getting people to your website is hard work!
Allow people to connect
Once they purchase and get good quality, they are likely to come back
Price is arbitrary and elastic, take advantage of that fact: Understand there are different levels of pricing. But if you want to move your pricing level up, test that pricing.

I also spent some time on the Q&A session and this is what I asked:
Question 27
(2:55 PM) Daniela Gutierrez:
Hi Allen. I see you believe that photography is you think that the print portfolio will disappear?
Answer 27
(2:57 PM) Allen Murabayashi:
No -- I think as long as there are print publications, there will be print portfolios, and for things like fine art, print portfolios will always be around. but iPads and the like will definitely become commonplace.

Good one! Diego has just published the new uses of the iPad himself yesterday and today. Click to find out.

Question 30
(3:03 PM) Daniela Gutierrez:
What kind of discount would you recommend for a photographer that is mainly focused on photjournalism and editorial?
Answer 30
(3:06 PM) Allen Murabayashi:
that's tough to be honest. i think if you're dealing with newspapers and magazines, you can't really discount because the market is already discounted. but if a newspaper was willing to guarantee you X days of work per month, you might consider a discount there. it would definitely be dependent on your relationship with your editor.

Sad but true I guess...

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