Friday, September 17, 2010

México, you are beautiful.

This past September 16th, my beautiful country celebrated the 200th Anniversary for its Independence. I was not in Mexico to celebrate. I was and still am in Austin. And I regret some part of it. I sit now seeing how colorful my country is, the many potential there is to grow and how it is full of so different people and so rich of culture.

I'm afraid the 201st Anniversary won't be the same. And although, I did not take these photographs and I was not there to feel it. As I see this photos, I feel the life in my Mexico. My country. The country that not only gave my a nationality but gave me what I am today. Mexico is troubled, yes, there is violence and cartel wars, but there is also a hopeful feeling. That is my Mexico. Viva México! Congratulations! You are lovely!

Photographs are from Boston The Big Picture and you can see more of them by clicking here.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

#Quiéreme Production Staff is needed!

For this incredible journey to begin, I am looking for:
Stylist and Make-Up Artist. Please keep in mind that although you are capable of doing both jobs, I need two different persons since there are 14 models to get ready  for the photo shoot. Although, there is a plan that 7 shots are done in day 1 and the rest are done in day 2, I will need focus on a specific area.
There is a budget for this. But, I will need you to contact me personally so I can give you the exact detail$.
I’ll be more than excited to have you come with us. Here are more details:
We leave from Monterrey, NL to San Andres, Cohamiata, Jalisco on October 3. 12 hour drive. We stay there for 5 complete days. 1 day to scout location and pre-prep, 2 days to pre-produce and 2 days for production. We come back  on October 9 and we are ready to print, to do what we have to do and get ready for the International exposure!
Travel expenses such as hotel and food are included in the job.
Day of Event: October 28, 2010.
Send me your CV, samples of your work. First come, first serve!

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

From Studio Guide 2010: Casting Recommendation.

I received Studio Guide 2010 from my PDN subscription this month. And this is the first time ever that I have the issue Studio Guide in my hands. I cannot begin to tell how many studios and the advantages and equipment that are available around the US and internationally.
However, one of my favorite things that I read here was an interview made to Edward Kim from HOUSE CASTING:

PDN: Do you have any tips for photographers who are attempting to do their own casting?
EK: Hire a casting director. If it's a budgetary issue, a casting director will negotiate better rates for you and know how to find available talent or make talent available. Otherwise it's just about knowing what you want and having realistic expectations and communicating very clearly with the agencies.

So, I recommend that whenever you are presenting an estimate for a client for production costs, to include in your estimates, a Casting Director. He/She will care for you and will of course avoid you the horrible and painful calls over and over again.

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