Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A new Journey begins in Austin

Driving to Austin and getting here.
The journey was full of hope. And we were not dissapointed. We met gourgeous incredible people who believe in our work and who are willing to team up with us.

We are excited about starting this new journey with all of them. We feel comfortable and confident about what we can offer to them and offer to the world. We are going to win this.

Lost in translation? Mmm no. Just lost and about to cross the border!

Today we woke up with ice. Totally frozen. I had never seen this before...never. It was really fun. When the Sun touched the ice, we could hear it!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Feeling excited!

So there are a few projects here in Monterrey.
We are -by the way- still in Monterrey. Going to Austin on the 26th meeting a lot of people there, excited to meet them, to attend projects. Still, I have nothing but good things to say; there are new and thrilling proposals and of course...something secret in which we have great expectations. 

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Candidate's Profile

This week we were busy studying a candidate's profile. A political-advertising campaign is not easy but we thought of portraying what people want to see. The real side. The true side. We were at his house. Diego saw the wallpaper and fell in love with it. We had to take a painting down and mainly destroy the whole decoration in that wall but I got to say that it was worth it. Although we do not take a lot of time to take the picture, we sure did a lot of thinking of how the picture was going to look like. And once we got it, it was a simple setup but beautiful results. Afterwards we took pictures of him with his dogs and those were great too. However, these are my favorites. You can only see what citizens want to see; tranquility and peace.

Friday, January 9, 2009

News and Updates!

So, today was a great day. We found out that there might be a project here in Mexico, and we got in contact with people who are interested in representing us. That is just the way to go.

We have updated our website (again!) with a new gallery: OWN 
It contains pictures of the Firefighters of Nuevo Leon (some of them I have uploaded to this blog), Tecuatlasupe and The Omelettry. These were personal projects that we did for fun and at least one of them turned out to be something big! 

We also have updated our contact information and have added our new phone number in Austin. Yei!Way to go, great way to end this week...not literally. 
We are still working tomorrow :D


So, we've been victims of e-commerce.
We tried to sell one of our cameras and it was a complete fraud. Please do not use,,, or however it may be. Complete fraud. They overcharge you, mess up their own accountings, call you to ask you to pay when the debt has been paid.
Plus, they promote stupidity... They do not talk or assess via phone. They just do it by e-mail. They avoid giving correct answers to complete questions you formulate. They keep trying to tell you that you are the one who is in trouble because you got into it....excuse me!
My Nigeria....did not get there by itself! Your site is supposed to give me trading security, at least grant me something called tranquility. Mercadolibre advertises itself as a safe business, sure, they have all the money from us users so they get to spend it on TV, online, radio and other types of media.  
F*OFF! That is not true at all!
The people who are supposed to solve your problems only give you more. No client service at all (well only by e-mail) not by phone. Do not trust them. 

Monday, January 5, 2009

All New: MySpace/studiolc

Are we on fire?? Yeah!!!
We are releasing our new MySpace layout!! Oh yeah!! It rocks!!!
Please stop there and comment, add us as your friend and do not forget to stay in touch.

I'm also updating everything in Facebook. Keep that in mind too.
Become a member of our group.


Feeling Melancholy from 2008

So, okay....
We'll be publishing our most new MySpace page in a few minutes. I have been working on that and Diego has too.
However, this is not the reason why I write. Today I write because I just noticed that we did not publish on our website the documentary stuff we do.
Altough we do not do it very often, we do manage to take some time off and enjoy the scenery around us. These pictures that I publish on my post were taken on December 11,2008 (last year). I am wearing the yellow vest...I think that is my favorite color to dress! hahaha I just realized that.
I just love these pictures they remind me of what was going around us, all these beautiful traditions, the people's customes, everything for just believing...that is just amazing. I'll try to post more pictures of that day.
I'll come back later, I have to get back to work.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ready, Set, Go! Launching New Website.

We are launching our new website.
Check it out! OMG! Yeah! It is good right? We paid a lot of money for it and it is definetely worth it! (goodbye savings!)
We are starting off our 2009 with the "right foot" as they say in Mexico. It means that we are starting off good. Yeah! Investments made, and now is time to see the results!
So, be sure to review and spend time checking out our 4 different galleries where we have sectioned: music, sports, lifestyle, editorial and advertising. We also have an updated section of "Behind the Scenes" which I know you'll enjoy.
But that is not the only great adjustment. We have links to our main contacts: MySpace, Facebook and of course, Blogger.
Also featuring a special section: Exhibits. You will find out what we did last year, what are we doing this year and hopefully in 2010.
Visit: regularly. Support real artist work!


Fenix from Dany Gutierrez on Vimeo.

If you are here from the link of our website...hello! If you are reading this because you are interested: Welcome.
This is our video from our latest exhibit in Monterrey. I must say I looked pretty good that day, in my yellow dress and my orange shoes looking pretty and imitating the firefighter's look...I was only missing the hat.
We are proud to say that we are invited by the New York Fire Museum to exhibit these 100 shots in 2010...yei! One more year to go. Thanks for watching, keep checking us out!

Here are 5 out of the 100 pictures that compose Fenix:

To find out more about this exhibit be sure to check: and


Behind the Scenes...Players Of Life from Dany Gutierrez on Vimeo.

This video shows our latest work done here in Monterrey. It was taken for an Editorial. Cover shot for Players of Life. When I met Cesar I found out that he not only races cars but he loves them too. He has a few of them in a garage where he keeps them as his "toys". I found out that the Porsche is a 68 model and that it has a flaw, however when in a contest, this flaw makes it special so they give him more points for that. Conclusion: Having flaws makes you different and earns you points.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009: Mine, Yours and Ours

It's New Year's Day.
Today we begin a new phase: success. Happy New Year to everyone.
I'm now in Austin, a few days ago I was able to meet Esther LaVonne & The Rottens and see them rock the stage, they are pretty good! Thanks to David, Melissa and Esther.
I'm going back to Monterrey tomorrow hoping to be back in one or two weeks to my next hometown...Austin. 
I'm positive that is is a good year, for me, for you and for us. I'm sure that we will rock the photography world even more.