Friday, January 9, 2009


So, we've been victims of e-commerce.
We tried to sell one of our cameras and it was a complete fraud. Please do not use,,, or however it may be. Complete fraud. They overcharge you, mess up their own accountings, call you to ask you to pay when the debt has been paid.
Plus, they promote stupidity... They do not talk or assess via phone. They just do it by e-mail. They avoid giving correct answers to complete questions you formulate. They keep trying to tell you that you are the one who is in trouble because you got into it....excuse me!
My Nigeria....did not get there by itself! Your site is supposed to give me trading security, at least grant me something called tranquility. Mercadolibre advertises itself as a safe business, sure, they have all the money from us users so they get to spend it on TV, online, radio and other types of media.  
F*OFF! That is not true at all!
The people who are supposed to solve your problems only give you more. No client service at all (well only by e-mail) not by phone. Do not trust them. 


  1. Yes, I do agree, I think this is a Mexican owned company which would explain a lot. That isn't being racist just it's a fact that these companies avoid regulation which say ebay or amazon would be subjected to.

    I also have been victim to mercadolibre, overcharged, sent reminder emails about paying a week or 2 after I paid. Terrible service, never again.

  2. Sold an iphone 5 on the site. After the buyer received the iphone they called their credit card company and cancelled the payment. I lost $900. Mercado Libre has ignored all of my email communications. I plan on opening a small claims case against them. This company should be avoided. Stick to a reputable company like ebay for purchases and sales.