Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Behind BdM La Bayade're

Briefly, I manage to blog something before I leave.
Here are some shots of today.

The costumes are incredibly beautiful! I was surprised to see such beautiful details in each of them. And of course, the makeup is excellent too. Two thumbs up to the artists behind the scenes who made it possible!

To see what the play is about you can click onère and look for plot outline. Very romantic!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Super Me Ready to Leave

Why the "Super" Hahaha! I don't have any idea.
I'm ready to leave YES I AM.
So, Thursday 25th, Diego and I leave to Tepic, Nayarit. 18 hour drive.
Friday we pick up our translation guides and ready to rumble to San Andrés, Jalisco.
A whole week with Huicholes. New experiences and once-in-a-lifetime things to see! I'm so excited.
We did the food shopping today and we'll eat as bears: tuna and fruit.
Oh no! Bears eat salmon. :D Even better right!?

Food - Yes
Toilet Paper - Yes
Tent - Yes
Sleeping Bag - Yes
Sponsor Stickers in my Car - Yes
Prepared to go Offline - Not Yet

This video is something I did today. I wanted edit some of my pictures and get them jiggy with some music. While Diego was getting the car ready I couldn't help to work on my pictures with my CoolPix without flash and playing with my own and Diego's reflections...

Sponsored Travel from Dany Gutierrez on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How-to- Lower Production Costs

In this times of crisis, all of our clients need to hear, "we can lower this, and that, and this, and everything".
But how can we manage to do so?
Efficiency and Reduction.
People tend to do less stuff of what they can actually can.

In accordance to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, to be efficient is to be productive without waste.

So what can be reduced without and it is not the first items of "I need list":
Catering- So, the photo shoot takes you from 1 to 5 hours. Make breakfast/lunch/dinner as simple as you can.. People do not go to eat, they go to work. What I believe is most important for catering are drinks. So, yes, water, sodas and coffee are indispensable. A little snack will be good but, keep it simple.
Assistants - Really? Do you need so many people assisting you? Think. Maybe instead of 3 you'll need 2, or maybe just 1. I understand photography assistants but, if you are producing maybe you can do it yourself. Hey! It's all about making it work. Reduce the hands on set, it may get less crowded and more efficient.
Models- Wow...that's an important issue. Try to negotiate to pay them by the hour, by the project of half a day. I know that this is a very important thing and most of the times the responsibility relies on them but, try to make it work. i have worked with amateur models and sometimes they are just great because they are full of energy and ready to be famous! So they do not overcharge and accept negotiation terms more easily.
Props/Wardrobe - Tough one....but manageable! If you can get something borrowed do it! People sometimes have the most weird stuff in their houses, sitting there so observe! And remember what your close friends have, if your family can help and if the person is willing to lease it instead of selling it.
MakeUp/HairStylist- Sometimes people tend to overcharge these services. Try, just not hire two different people to do the job, sometimes one person can get both things done. Efficiency people! See their portfolios (you won't say yes blindly) and choose and of course test if they are up to it. If they got it covered.

Hey! It's totally doable! You just have to get it on your mind. It is your job as a producer to make it work so, make it work.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! So green but that is the way to go! Earth will be thankful too!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Production for "Circus"

In case you haven't noticed I had been busy and tired. But here goes why. We has this photo shoot last Thursday.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday I was focused on another project we are doing as a personal project, so, I finally took my time and wanted to post about my latest photo shoot which I enjoyed huge time!
I must accept that the temperature was high and I was sweating (sorry!) like a pig! But it felt good to be with the artists and to watch them prepare before their show. We had two (2) hours to do this shoot and we of course took advantage of their time and made pals :D
Ladies and Gentlemen, the circus!



Circus I from Diego Huerta on Vimeo.

Friday, June 12, 2009

When Producing meets Wardrobe Styling

Ever had a client with no budget for wardrobe but still wants you to have wardrobe?
I have. Not one client, many clients. And if the project is a personal project, things of course, do not have a budget. So, you have to manage.
It gets easier as you keep going I must say. My first "No-Wardrobe-Budget-Project" was for the collection of the Frida's conmemorating Frida Kahlo's life with her paintings in Monterrey at Museo Marco with La Valentina Restaurant. The idea was to interpret the paintings of Frida and make them a picture.
Makeup and Hair, of course we must have in the budget! Well, at least the client considered it. But for wardrobe, I bought only one thing: The red shirt with flowers at El Mercado (not shown here). The necklaces, the dress, the shoes and even the shawls, mine. Yep, as I said before, sometimes you just got to risk it. Well, in this case I risked my mother's necklaces.
The client feel in love with the pictures and this is what matters.
Fabric: $40 dlls
Make Up and Hair: $60 dlls
Location: $0 dlls

Along came, the second project: Revolutionary Women for the same restaurant. Another version of the Frida idea with a touch of strong Mexican women waiting to fight the war.
The shirts, belts and even the boots: Mine. The skirts...hahaha! Here is the secret: That background you see from the shots in Frida, are the skirts of the models. How did we pull it off? By using staples and/or clasps.
Fabric: $0 dlls
Make Up and Hair: $60 dlls
Location: $0 dlls

Tip: Whenever you have a fabric leftover, or props, keep them! You'll never know when you are going to use them!

Finally, the last good example of doing things with a low budget. The following video you can see "Mural 1". This is a project we are doing for personal work and I think that it is a beautiful project but still, we have no sponsor...yet. The justice was played by a friend of mine...she was glad to do it. And her dress? Well, we could not pay a seamstress and most importantly, we could not wait until she had the dress ready so, we just did the dress ourselves. Pretty cool huh?

La frontera donde debe vivir Dios from Diego Huerta on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Locations + FYI: Latinstock

Locations are one of the most important ingredients in your photo shoot. They can improve the result or damage it.
To be smart and have great photos: Prepared is the way to go. And whenever you are scouting for a location, your past experiences become your greatest opportunities. I always have my Nikon CoolPix with me. Yep, a simple Coolpix takes the best pictures. And hey! It's not always the equipment but the person who uses it. So, having my camera in my bag, is a huge relief. I may be driving, walking and if I like something, I shoot. If I do not use it for my upcoming project, I keep track of were was I. That's it!

As soon as you have the confirmed location, figure out:
- Will you need a generator? If so, of how much voltage.
- Is there a dressing room or a place that you can use as a dressing room?
- Is there a place available for catering?
- Is there a restroom near?
- Will the climate affect the look of the location?
- How much? Per day? Per hours?
- Will you need chairs for the client? The Ad Agency?

Tip: Get your camera ready, with full battery and a notebook. And keep constant track of any price/climate/additional services in your notebook, little notes will save your ass someday!

What happens when you do not have a location and you must get it in the moment? Look for someplace special. Think of your eyes as the camera lens. Picture yourself in it:
- Will it look okay?
- Do you have something in your book that looks alike?
- Will it make an important transition on your project?
- Are you prepared to outcome the problems of energy?
- Do you have insurance?

Here are some photos of locations:

If there are no chairs, stand up and get along!

If there is too much sun, of course, do not forget your sunglasses, sunblock and water!! Lots of water!!

Tip: Take precautions and measures to avoid getting your equipment and staff into trouble. If there is any risk, I recommend to risk yourself!

As crazy as it looks, I have everything under control.

Thanks to Latinstock for considering us the FIRST COVER of the FIRST ISSUE of their magazine.
We are pleased and honored to be featured in it.
To check some of our pictures, click on:

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"Cook more"...Check!

I have made a list of the things I want to do.
In this list, 16 things are written and I'm still working to accomplish them.
However, one place on my list is "To cook more" so I did it. I took some time off my lunch and made a cake. With this, I felt amazing! On my list, I share the idea of becoming "the greatest producer ever!" and I want that also. I trust that this will come true day after day.
So, in this list, I also included having visits in my blog. In order to keep my blog being visited and followed, I must give out tips.
Here goes:
1. Buy a cake mix that you like. I like the yellow mix, it tastes like butter and looks just like the picture.
2. Instead of using water, you may use milk. Instead of oil you may use butter. It will taste different and better.
3. Have people who you love around you.
4. Always!!! Pre-heat the oven. Scientifically and proven by me!

My people who I love around me. You can see them savoring it too!

Out of the oven.
Tip: If the box says that it takes from 30-35 minutes. Leave the cake in the oven for 5 more minutes. Turn the oven off for these last 5 minutes.

Without the chocolate. Which I made myself too!

Chocolate and sprinkles. Never enough!

Ready to eat.

I found this website: and started listing my things to do. I must say it has helped me and motivated me. So, if you are like me, wanting to record your every single move and like the part when you check after accomplishing, this is a great site. And! People get to cheer you. To see me, go to:

Monday, June 8, 2009

A long long time ago

A long long time ago...I can still "Dancing Shoes" used to make me smile :D and it still does!

So, the next video was edited by Diego after we officially had one/half busy week in june 2008. Everything is done in three days:
And it turned out great! I just loved it! My favorite - I must admit- is the one of the wooden box but I think all of them deserve to take some time off and watch how it was done.

3-3-3 from Dany Gutierrez on Vimeo.

The first artists Kany Garcia is from Puerto Rico. We took the picture on the last floor of the Fiesta Inn Hotel in Monterrey, Mexico after she had granted a press conference. Tip: When you go to a location that you do not know and you are just asked to show up in there. If you can, try to visit the location a day before. If it is not possible, look for the most innovative or different spot in the location. Something different that you have never done.

The second artist was shot in a greenhouse. Her name is Barbara, she is from Chile and had a concert in Monterrey. She has been featured in a song with Kenny G, it is a great duo I must say. Her second shot is my favorite (as I told you before) and this was done by trusting the photographer, Diego Huerta. Completely trusting him. He had this on his mind so we did it. Tip: Ask for permission to use things that they may be selling and keep them in good shape by taking care of them.

Finally, Yuridia. She won in "La Academia" which is the Mexican show for American Idol in Mexico. We had seen the location that we were going to shoot her. Unfortunately -but hey! it happens!- when we got there, they changed location to a restaurant called Sierra Madre Brewing Co. I love this restaurant when I need to drink a really cold and original beer and although I'm not VIP Customer, I do know the place. We got there and while she was attending reporters and answering questions in the interviews we got everything together. When she finished, I made sure we were ready, we even had 4 minutes to spare. Her photoshoot was 3 minutes long. Enough time for the perfect shot. Tip: Artists do not have enough time so, do for the lightning checks, do it with your own staff.

FYI: When I was posting, I had this song in my mind:
By: Madonna
Written by: Don McLean
A long long time ago I can still remember
How that music used to make me smile
And I knew that if I had my chance
I could make those people dance
And maybe they'd be happy for a while

You can watch her video here:

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Producing on a Ballet Production

I imagined my eyes were a camera so, I took pictures in my mind. While Diego was at the stage clicking on his D3 I couldn't stop thinking how I miss my camera. However, I did get to produce, what I love the most.
What can you do when you do not have a camera and you are producing photo journalism?
I saw what Diego was missing and asked him to do a couple of shots that I could imagine...
I was a prompter in my early days, when I was studying in High School so I could figure out the different faces that the dancers could bring as soon as they entered or exited the wings at the stage. (OMG! That is breathtaking, seeing people enjoy themselves on the stage and getting their adrenaline rush...beautiful. ) So, I took the pictures myself and read the acts of the play, saw the different costumes a dancer was going to were and I became aware of that we needed to be one step early.
I still keep thinking that it would have been great if I could have my own camera, however, I think that producing on this kind of jobs gets you a whole new you can enjoy whatever is happening around you.
I enjoyed getting back at the old days, seeing how frightening and how fun the stage is. How untouchable it becomes. How people have two different personalities, one in it and one outside from it. A few steps make the difference.
Here are a few shots of what Diego, who I admire took from yesterday. Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Finally! After the disclosure agreement....we are proud to present Stanley Tools Advertising Campaign, "Hazla en Grande".
Be sure to check out the products at home stores.

Behind the Scenes...Stanley from Diego Huerta on Vimeo.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Twitter Me

I'm new in Twitter.
Twitter me and know what am I doing in this very moment.