Thursday, June 4, 2009

Producing on a Ballet Production

I imagined my eyes were a camera so, I took pictures in my mind. While Diego was at the stage clicking on his D3 I couldn't stop thinking how I miss my camera. However, I did get to produce, what I love the most.
What can you do when you do not have a camera and you are producing photo journalism?
I saw what Diego was missing and asked him to do a couple of shots that I could imagine...
I was a prompter in my early days, when I was studying in High School so I could figure out the different faces that the dancers could bring as soon as they entered or exited the wings at the stage. (OMG! That is breathtaking, seeing people enjoy themselves on the stage and getting their adrenaline rush...beautiful. ) So, I took the pictures myself and read the acts of the play, saw the different costumes a dancer was going to were and I became aware of that we needed to be one step early.
I still keep thinking that it would have been great if I could have my own camera, however, I think that producing on this kind of jobs gets you a whole new you can enjoy whatever is happening around you.
I enjoyed getting back at the old days, seeing how frightening and how fun the stage is. How untouchable it becomes. How people have two different personalities, one in it and one outside from it. A few steps make the difference.
Here are a few shots of what Diego, who I admire took from yesterday. Enjoy.

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