Monday, June 8, 2009

A long long time ago

A long long time ago...I can still "Dancing Shoes" used to make me smile :D and it still does!

So, the next video was edited by Diego after we officially had one/half busy week in june 2008. Everything is done in three days:
And it turned out great! I just loved it! My favorite - I must admit- is the one of the wooden box but I think all of them deserve to take some time off and watch how it was done.

3-3-3 from Dany Gutierrez on Vimeo.

The first artists Kany Garcia is from Puerto Rico. We took the picture on the last floor of the Fiesta Inn Hotel in Monterrey, Mexico after she had granted a press conference. Tip: When you go to a location that you do not know and you are just asked to show up in there. If you can, try to visit the location a day before. If it is not possible, look for the most innovative or different spot in the location. Something different that you have never done.

The second artist was shot in a greenhouse. Her name is Barbara, she is from Chile and had a concert in Monterrey. She has been featured in a song with Kenny G, it is a great duo I must say. Her second shot is my favorite (as I told you before) and this was done by trusting the photographer, Diego Huerta. Completely trusting him. He had this on his mind so we did it. Tip: Ask for permission to use things that they may be selling and keep them in good shape by taking care of them.

Finally, Yuridia. She won in "La Academia" which is the Mexican show for American Idol in Mexico. We had seen the location that we were going to shoot her. Unfortunately -but hey! it happens!- when we got there, they changed location to a restaurant called Sierra Madre Brewing Co. I love this restaurant when I need to drink a really cold and original beer and although I'm not VIP Customer, I do know the place. We got there and while she was attending reporters and answering questions in the interviews we got everything together. When she finished, I made sure we were ready, we even had 4 minutes to spare. Her photoshoot was 3 minutes long. Enough time for the perfect shot. Tip: Artists do not have enough time so, do for the lightning checks, do it with your own staff.

FYI: When I was posting, I had this song in my mind:
By: Madonna
Written by: Don McLean
A long long time ago I can still remember
How that music used to make me smile
And I knew that if I had my chance
I could make those people dance
And maybe they'd be happy for a while

You can watch her video here:

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