Friday, June 12, 2009

When Producing meets Wardrobe Styling

Ever had a client with no budget for wardrobe but still wants you to have wardrobe?
I have. Not one client, many clients. And if the project is a personal project, things of course, do not have a budget. So, you have to manage.
It gets easier as you keep going I must say. My first "No-Wardrobe-Budget-Project" was for the collection of the Frida's conmemorating Frida Kahlo's life with her paintings in Monterrey at Museo Marco with La Valentina Restaurant. The idea was to interpret the paintings of Frida and make them a picture.
Makeup and Hair, of course we must have in the budget! Well, at least the client considered it. But for wardrobe, I bought only one thing: The red shirt with flowers at El Mercado (not shown here). The necklaces, the dress, the shoes and even the shawls, mine. Yep, as I said before, sometimes you just got to risk it. Well, in this case I risked my mother's necklaces.
The client feel in love with the pictures and this is what matters.
Fabric: $40 dlls
Make Up and Hair: $60 dlls
Location: $0 dlls

Along came, the second project: Revolutionary Women for the same restaurant. Another version of the Frida idea with a touch of strong Mexican women waiting to fight the war.
The shirts, belts and even the boots: Mine. The skirts...hahaha! Here is the secret: That background you see from the shots in Frida, are the skirts of the models. How did we pull it off? By using staples and/or clasps.
Fabric: $0 dlls
Make Up and Hair: $60 dlls
Location: $0 dlls

Tip: Whenever you have a fabric leftover, or props, keep them! You'll never know when you are going to use them!

Finally, the last good example of doing things with a low budget. The following video you can see "Mural 1". This is a project we are doing for personal work and I think that it is a beautiful project but still, we have no sponsor...yet. The justice was played by a friend of mine...she was glad to do it. And her dress? Well, we could not pay a seamstress and most importantly, we could not wait until she had the dress ready so, we just did the dress ourselves. Pretty cool huh?

La frontera donde debe vivir Dios from Diego Huerta on Vimeo.

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