Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How-to- Lower Production Costs

In this times of crisis, all of our clients need to hear, "we can lower this, and that, and this, and everything".
But how can we manage to do so?
Efficiency and Reduction.
People tend to do less stuff of what they can actually can.

In accordance to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, to be efficient is to be productive without waste.

So what can be reduced without and it is not the first items of "I need list":
Catering- So, the photo shoot takes you from 1 to 5 hours. Make breakfast/lunch/dinner as simple as you can.. People do not go to eat, they go to work. What I believe is most important for catering are drinks. So, yes, water, sodas and coffee are indispensable. A little snack will be good but, keep it simple.
Assistants - Really? Do you need so many people assisting you? Think. Maybe instead of 3 you'll need 2, or maybe just 1. I understand photography assistants but, if you are producing maybe you can do it yourself. Hey! It's all about making it work. Reduce the hands on set, it may get less crowded and more efficient.
Models- Wow...that's an important issue. Try to negotiate to pay them by the hour, by the project of half a day. I know that this is a very important thing and most of the times the responsibility relies on them but, try to make it work. i have worked with amateur models and sometimes they are just great because they are full of energy and ready to be famous! So they do not overcharge and accept negotiation terms more easily.
Props/Wardrobe - Tough one....but manageable! If you can get something borrowed do it! People sometimes have the most weird stuff in their houses, sitting there so observe! And remember what your close friends have, if your family can help and if the person is willing to lease it instead of selling it.
MakeUp/HairStylist- Sometimes people tend to overcharge these services. Try, just not hire two different people to do the job, sometimes one person can get both things done. Efficiency people! See their portfolios (you won't say yes blindly) and choose and of course test if they are up to it. If they got it covered.

Hey! It's totally doable! You just have to get it on your mind. It is your job as a producer to make it work so, make it work.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! So green but that is the way to go! Earth will be thankful too!


  1. Carl, thanks for reading and writing comments.
    I love to do what I do and I will hopefully continue giving some more tips that may come very helpful.

    My best to you!