Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Locations + FYI: Latinstock

Locations are one of the most important ingredients in your photo shoot. They can improve the result or damage it.
To be smart and have great photos: Prepared is the way to go. And whenever you are scouting for a location, your past experiences become your greatest opportunities. I always have my Nikon CoolPix with me. Yep, a simple Coolpix takes the best pictures. And hey! It's not always the equipment but the person who uses it. So, having my camera in my bag, is a huge relief. I may be driving, walking and if I like something, I shoot. If I do not use it for my upcoming project, I keep track of were was I. That's it!

As soon as you have the confirmed location, figure out:
- Will you need a generator? If so, of how much voltage.
- Is there a dressing room or a place that you can use as a dressing room?
- Is there a place available for catering?
- Is there a restroom near?
- Will the climate affect the look of the location?
- How much? Per day? Per hours?
- Will you need chairs for the client? The Ad Agency?

Tip: Get your camera ready, with full battery and a notebook. And keep constant track of any price/climate/additional services in your notebook, little notes will save your ass someday!

What happens when you do not have a location and you must get it in the moment? Look for someplace special. Think of your eyes as the camera lens. Picture yourself in it:
- Will it look okay?
- Do you have something in your book that looks alike?
- Will it make an important transition on your project?
- Are you prepared to outcome the problems of energy?
- Do you have insurance?

Here are some photos of locations:

If there are no chairs, stand up and get along!

If there is too much sun, of course, do not forget your sunglasses, sunblock and water!! Lots of water!!

Tip: Take precautions and measures to avoid getting your equipment and staff into trouble. If there is any risk, I recommend to risk yourself!

As crazy as it looks, I have everything under control.

Thanks to Latinstock for considering us the FIRST COVER of the FIRST ISSUE of their magazine.
We are pleased and honored to be featured in it.
To check some of our pictures, click on:


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