Friday, November 27, 2009

Austin Monthly Magazine - 3/4 photo shoot

I forgot my camera did not have the memory card for photo shoot number 2 but, anyways, number 3 was tricky.
When I came home to my apartment on Monday at 10 pm (after photo shoot number 2 and...) having a delicious Mighty Fine Burger, I had a voice mail in my phone. It said "Hello, Dany the owner at the gym can meet you at 8 am instead of 5-6 pm, so lets do meet at 8". OMG!!!! I managed to do all the changes in 30 minutes. So, I managed to get ahold of MUA, Hair Stylist, Photo Editor and Art Director and we arranged to meet at 8 am in the location.
Improvising was a main thing to do. And we did.
Everything went as if it was planned...I cannot wait to see the final results in the magazine!
By the way, it was windy and you can see it!
So, here are two pictures of Day 2, Photo shoot 3:

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