Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bastard - BTS

Finally I had time. I hate it when this things happen. But I was way to busy.
So, if you check Diego's blog frequently, you would know and must have seen the picture: Empire Assasin / Bastard. And if you haven't see the picture here.

These pictures are part of one of the first manipulated photographs has made. He has said many times that he is a photographer and not an illustrator. And I believe that too. However, I must congratulate him for his incredible work in this photograph because everything was shot in different places, with different people and many Storm Troopers. Inspired by Mexican drug cartels and mafia, the photograph comes true.

I do have to say, I admire this photograph and what is behind it. I believe that a true photographer does it all by himself. So, in this photograph, Diego did it all. He was in charge of everything, with 1 assistant/producer (me) in order to keep the costs down, Diego did it again. That is true devotion to work.

I love OH! Thanks for your hospitality!
Carrying the costumes around was indeed an adventure!

Sneak Peek of what happened BTS:

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