Wednesday, November 4, 2009

FiveRedWoods - Behind the Scenes

The following presentation is sponsored by @fiveredwoods. Absolutely love their clothes! Beautiful! and what is best...100% Environmentally Friendly! This is it people! The new trend to follow.

FiveRedwoods from Diego Huerta on Vimeo.

What's important to know about this production? There are no limits! Yes, even though some may say that they, money is not a problem, feeling tired is not a problem and of course, getting wet is never a problem! But, if you are going into water, I highly recommend using water boots, they are fashionable and very useful! I so missed my yellow boots! :D

This production was made in 3 days: the first day was tiring but, we did learn that sometimes you just have to improvise, weather and sunset may turn your back against you. The second day was INCREDIBLE! People, if work is demanded on a it! It is great to work and to have fun working, so instead of whining...enjoy it! A little cup of coffee or even really early morning pancakes make the difference. Last, we had to shoot every single t-shirt separately. How to do it in an orderly manner? Divide it by colors, by sizes and think that you have 4 hands instead of 2. At least, I thought that. As soon as Diego shot the photo, I was changing t-shirt, making arrangements for the others that were next and putting it all back together in the rack where they hanged. You must be prepared that it may take from 5 hours of your afternoon, but the final product will be beautiful! And, as a background, consider SUPER WHITE. The way to go.

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