Monday, November 16, 2009

Be Prepared for the Unpredictable

We were so ready yesterday. Location in mind, shot in camera and as the Weather Channel predicted, "NO SUNLIGHT".
This is were it turns out to be tricky.
We were prepared on location, 3-4 weeks ago. Diego and I scouted for it and loved it. 6th street between Waller and Attayac in East Side Austin were I have photographed on my own before.
The shot on Diego's mind was ready when we got there: Facing towards 6th street going from East to West. There was no Sun, so the lightning got set-up as you can see here:

I personally think this is the moment when you know how creative or how determined is the photographer. Diego instead faced North going on South and focused on another wall. Even though it was not the first thing on his mind, he pulled it off. You can see the second direction in these photos:

You can see how the sunlight hits the street now that the Sun decided to come out.

By the way,
The final shots are fantastic! Still not online but will post them later.
Make it work is my motto. Just try and pull it off.

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