Sunday, September 6, 2009

Moving out is like Producing.

I made the decision of moving out and going solo to Austin, TX.
I found myself overwhelmed by such situation and I came up with a list of stuff to do before moving out:
- Clean every single box and drawer.
- Do not get all touchy and sensitive, it is time to move on! Just do it! Stuff that is already hidden in a closet must go out. You don't read if it they are letters, you don't see them again if you have the pictures. Be real. Be honest. Get rid of it!
- When getting out trash, use the trash bags at its capacity. Care for the environment.
- And try to reuse stuff, you may re-sell and people will get the advantage from it. Trust me!

Why is it like producing?
- You must check every single option and vendor.
- If you think they are offensive, they are not (or maybe they are!) but, keep in mind that they are just doing their job and so are you. Be honest with the objective of the stuff you are looking for. Get permits and licenses so you can do what you need to do where you need to do it.
- Try not to spend too much on food and catering, care for the environment. If you do have catering, keep a trashcan near everyone. Pick up litter.
- Re-use stuff; props, locations and even clothing may be re-used.

Ha! That's how I came up with such affirmation. Moving out is like Producing even so, think of your new place as a new location!

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