Thursday, February 17, 2011

Behind 31K - Just the beginning.

Three weeks ago, I was summoned to an idea by Diego Huerta. He came up with the idea to commemorate the death of 31,000 people in Mexico. Yet, the objective was greater than that. Diego Huerta created "31K Portraits for Peace" and asked me for his help. He wants to give Mexicans a little bit of hope by asking those who live there and those who don't to pose for a picture.
Not only for a picture but for one historic photograph. A photograph that will become history and will include the effort of 31,000 camera clicks and the hands of 31,000 people hoping and telling Mexico "you are not alone".

 I am happy to be a part of something that has now become International. People from London, Rotterdam and Iowa have asked us to participate and want to get involved. This just makes it amazing! I am grateful to participate in a project as important as this, I wish that I had more vocabulary in me to express what I feel.

The following photos are part of what "31K Portraits for Peace" has become. A great experiment that will turn into street interventions and hopefully a book.

I thank those who have gotten involved with the project.

Click here to see final photos. 

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