Monday, May 3, 2010

Call Sheet: What, where, who?

Topic of today: Call sheet.

What should it include:
Day and Time
Location: Address and who to contact.
Talent: Names and characters to be played.
Schedule catering: breakfast, lunch and/or dinner (if it applies)
Schedule make-up, hair styling.
Schedule time when people should come in and when they should come out.
Contact: I put myself as a contact. Since I am the producer, the person who should solve problems, see details and be there 100% is me. So, recommend to add cell phone and name. Believe me, everyone would turn to look at you for good and bad comments, suggestions or questions.

Big Plus! Parking Space. If you write a recommendation of parking for the crew that is coming later (such as talent) it is of great value since it saves you time from worrying if everyone will be there and that their cars will be safe.

Who should you send it to? I remember in my first production, I kept it to myself. But, there was no use. You must get it to the rest of the crew: talent, photographer and agency. If not, how would they know when to be there? Where? Send it out to the persons involved in the production. And always print out some copies for you to hand out when producing so everyone will know where to stand and where to be and at what time. Plus, it also saves you a lot of questions of "when is my turn?" "what should I do?" the paper has it all.

You will find an example attached. I hope it helps. Last time I sent this out I got a review that said, "Nice work. It is simple yet understandable". So, use it if you can!

P.S. Beauty for me means: Wardrobe Styling, Make-Up and Hair Styling. The order they prefer to work, as long as the talent is ready. Usually they will ask for their fitting first and then go ahead and t make-up and hair. Great recommendation for Wardrobe: Brandy Joy.

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