Monday, May 17, 2010

Old-School VS Now : Portfolio.

Has anyone said goodbye to their print portfolios?
Good discussion initiated by a Linkedin debate.
Personally? You should not say goodbye to your print portfolio. When a client looks for you, YES they will see you on your website, take a look in what you have online but, when you come in and meet them personally, they will want to see your work in print. Print portfolios are important to have. They are who you are. Your work is finally going to be printed so you need to see it in print. And, if your work is going to be for interactive, believe me, you must have a printed copy to show in a future.
I know the iPads are a great thing to use, and I also think that the iPods do bring this way of having your photos with you always and you can use them together but do not forget about the prints. The prints is what will lead you to something more.

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