Saturday, July 18, 2009

Re-thinking and texting your shot

Last week we were at a photoshoot and the client asked us to leave space for text.
The Art Director was very precise about this and I think that this is something that must producers must consider for their photographers. As a producer, one of your jobs is to consider what the client wants so, here are a list of things that you should consider for text:
- Know how much text will be included; this helps you to know if the text would be on top and on bottom.
- Do not re-think too much; models tend to get a little bit uncomfortable if you insist on getting technical.
- Allow suggestions from the Art Director and from the photographer; they have the creative eye, so consider what they think would look better. If it fits with your clients requirements, you are good to go.
- Keep in mind, maybe the picture will look weird at first without the text. But with the text and the right graphic people it would look as it should.

An example of such re-thinking and thinking of the text could be this:

So now you know, consider space and leave it for art. It is necessary. :D

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