Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Your clients needs come first.

I work with Diego Huerta all the time.
Diego was asked to do something simple, easy and WHITE.
If you've seen Diego's work, you can notice that there are a lot of shadows in it. But, most importantly, there is a style that is yet defined. However, what happens when the client's needs are not exactly what you are known for?
Do what the client needs. Their needs come first.
So, even if you do stuff that is not ordinary and very different to you. Do it.

Here are two pictures were you compare our style from one and another.

The first we were going for an ancient, renaissance look...Check.
The second was (as I said before) required to be white....Check. I must say I was very honored to do this shot. I found that there are other types of light that are more commercial and of course, that the client was 100% satisfied.

Lesson learned: When shooting a commercial project, you have to achieve their objectives.

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