Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Business Philosophies that have worked.

I plan not to write about business philosophies of important and very recognized over the world people but to, tell you what I have learned from people I have worked with. In these past months, I have met a lot of people who have filled my life with hope and most importantly advices that have been used for both my personal and work life.
Although these people do not make money out of their philosophies and teaching, they sure have success by just applying what they have told me. It is important to let you know that they do not know that I have learned these things from them but I wanted to let them know that I wanted to recognize how their incredible way of thinking works.
It is also important to let you know that the quotes are not something that they actually said but something that I have discovered chatting and reading from them. I have resumed their conversations regarding work into sentences that I think can resume the way they see work.

I'll start with my father, an accountant that is no longer practicing accounting but now re-thinking the way business should be built. He has said to me a lot of stuff, advised me in many ways but I can tell you that he has taught me that if you want to be successful you should "Wake up early. Do what you have to do. Focus. Nevertheless, spend time reading at work. Read about your business and you will learn something new about it". Gabriel Gutierrez Pimentel - GGP -

Then, I'll go with a very good friend of mine. He is very loved by everyone and I have discovered that he is so good with people because he is honest and really, he just is a nice person! He is an incredible flash developer and I think that what the lesson(s) he has brought to my attention are these, "Solve one problem for one person and that person will recommend you. If you get a good recommendation, job will not stop. Care less of what people think. Relax. Everything will turn out to be good. Do not overthink." Jenaro Alberto Diaz Ramos - DJNR-

Next, a photographer I have been working with, I have known him for a long time and I think that I have learned many things from him but, the most significant thing is "Enjoy whatever you are doing. If you don't it sucks. Creativity does not come from pressure, it flows and it won't flow if you push. Numbers are numbers but ideas become great things. Art is not only art because I say so, but because I did it with passion". Diego Huerta González - DH-

From one lawyer to another I have learned from a friend that "You must pay attention to details. If it is for a co-worker, for a friend, for a family member, just pay attention to details. You will always find a mistake on every proofreading until you don't." Hernán González Moneta - HGM -

Certainly I must add a most recent philosophy from a project manager who has not only welcomed me to Austin but, to her business lifestyle...."if you know that person, why don't you just introduce them? Connect people it won't take a lot of your time and you never know what you may get. It's our responsibility as citizens of the world even if you are not helping yourself." Carrie Glassmeyer - CM-

I guess that if you apply all of these different ways of thinking to your work you will get out very good results out of it. As a producer I know that if I wake up early and pay attention to details of the things I do, it will make my work excellent. I also know that if I relax and take some time to think and take my mind off for a while, the answer will come to me. As simple as that.

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