Monday, March 8, 2010

What qualities do you need in a photoproducer?

I got this question in my e-mail through a photography group which I am member of at Linkedin. Daniella Hendrix asked it.

I answered: I would say what you really need to have as a photoproducer is to be passionate and organized. You really need to appreciate others work and of course be able to realize that their work is valuable. When you work as a photoproducer you really need to let your clients know that everyone brings something different to the table and that you must pay for it.

Answers may vary but I think what you would really need in a photoproducer is to be someone you can rely to. Someone that can deliver, that can give what you expect and 10% more. A photoproducer is someone who is able to read something that is not on paper, to know what people haven't noticed and to be prepared before they require the unexpected.

And yes, personally counts too. And I think that is a big deal. You need to be someone who is willing to go all the way and to not be guided, you are the guide. You lead. A photoproducer processes.

What do you think?

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