Thursday, March 4, 2010

Professional Look - Professional Crew

For a very professional look on your final photographs you need to have a crew that responds to that. This is why it is important to have the fees of the crew considered in the final estimate. Although sometimes it may be easier to work without a crew of professionals in wardrobe, make-up and hair, it is always important to consider them.

It depends (I think) on what are you shooting and the final art.


What they bring to the table:
No bad-hair-days.

When do you need a Hair Stylist:
When possible. Hair is that final touch, the cherry on the ice-cream. Hair will make the athlete look clean yet working out. Hair will make the high-fashion model with a new touch but yet, something to aspire to. Hair Stylists know technique, color and even the long of what the hair should be in accordance to the model's face.

Fee for Hair Styling:
It can be around 100 per model. You can negotiate a fee for a day or for the number of models.


What they bring to the table:
Good-looking skin and high-lighted features.

When do you need a Make-Up Artist:
I will recommend you to have it always. Make-Up makes models look sharper, prettier and flawless.
For example, if you are shooting sports, or someone doing sports it is not so necessary to have the make-up artist for the whole day of production and to do a lot of work on the model. Sports photography tends to have a more natural look for make-up and will not require a lot of make-up to be used. But, if you are shooting Fashion, hold on it is a total different story. Make-up will be more expensive and if you are doing more than one shot of the same model, you will need two or three different make-ups.

Fees for Make-Up Artist:
It will vary on how many hours will you work with the MUA. However, fees can be from $250 for 3 hours up to $800 for a whole day.


What they bring to the table:
Good taste and style on clothes.

When do you need a Wardrobe Stylist:
When possible. Wardrobe will get the look on whatever you are shooting. When fashion-forward, sports, lifestyle...etc, Wardrobe styling will get you the way that you should be wearing it. It will make the ideal housewife wear what is appropriate for her age and for what the the brand you are selling.
Wardrobe Styling applies for before and during the photo shoot. Before they will get the clothes together and during, they will make sure that the clothes are not wrinkled and that they fit the model the way it is supposed to.

Fees for Wardrobe Styling:
It usually takes time on pre-production. So, they may charge around $500 dollars before the shoot. And consider that if you want them on the photo shoot when producing, you will be charged for another $500 or more.

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