Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Add your creative ideas (but take directions) !

We had an incredible experience with Tate Austin Hahn last week. I was really excited to work with them.
And what I noticed they liked the most was when we added the creative input to the shots, the client really accepted it.
Yes, sometimes you may be in front of an Art Director or an Art Buyer who have an idea that they talked about with the Creative Director and they don't need you to say a single thing. However, I learned that it won't happen anything if you put a little spice into it and before doing it, ask.
A photographer is not only a person who shoots what is told to, they are after all: artists. They see how a simple rose for you and me, can be a masterpiece if you are able to use the correct light, the aperture, the speed and the angle.
While doing all of my research I have realized that this is an advantage that Diego has as a photographer. Diego really steps it up and talks to the client, suggest an idea and if he/she takes it, good and if, you did not lose anything.

When a client asks you to see the photo, let him/her. Do so.
Sometimes you get more of a photo when they like it and they sometimes have to see how good/bad they are posing to give an even more nicer pose. In the case from Tate Austin Hahn, we even had two different shots of people just so they were comfortable with their final shots. It is important that they are 100% satisfied if you want to work again with them. And, remember if they are 100% satisfied they will recommend you. Satisfaction= more work.

And, last... in the advertising world, that who gives you directions will be the Art and/or Creative Directors. When you are dealing with the client directly, deal with him/her. So, if they want to do a little bit of direction, let them. After all and this is what I say, they are the ones who are paying.


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