Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tate Austin Hahn's Photo Shoot

If you didn't get a chance to log on to my blog or to Diego's this past Thursday and Friday, don't worry. You are able to see what went on this past days at the Tate Austin Hahn's photo shoot. We had around 24 different people to photograph and around 30 different sets within the same location: the client's office. I am only considering 6 out of the 24 we photographed. Take a look.

Russ is the tallest guy at Tate Austin Hahn. He is known as "video guy" so, we had to use the camera as a prop. Imagine photographing Diego without his camera, impossible. So, we had to do the same with Russ. He is TALL. So, Diego got up the ladder and shot from an angle where you can see that Russ is looking up. You may think that he will look shorter, because of the angle...not. Not at all. Russ looks TALL but I gotta say, this is one of my favorite.

Shelly Gupta. She was nervous to be photographed by Diego. But I gotta say, I was amazed how relaxed she looks in the final shot. She looks confident and totally up for the photograph. When we talked about this shot, we talked about how tiny she is and Holly told us that she used the cabinets to get up and be able to reach the other cabinets. So, considering that we came up with this version. We did not want her to look funny or that she was having nearly too much fun since we want the clients to feel safe with her. So, instead, we used the cabinets as a prop or maybe as a location too.

Mike Clark-Madison's Photo Shoot. We had this one planned before we even got in. We just dropped a lot of books in his desk and Diego did the lightning set. Once Mike came back with a haircut, we were ready to go. The final photograph looks amazing. Mike is an avid reader so he must be photographed with what he loves: books. I love his eyeglasses.

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