Tuesday, January 19, 2010

To my Friends who are Photographers

This post is dedicated to photographers who are "beginning", for those who are "struggling" and for those who want a change...change fast and are looking positively in the future. To my photographer friends who read me and to those behind the photographs. I have been reading today.
I've been reading a lot. And with that, I have been learning.
I am posting what I recommend to read if you want to improve, get more clients, be more efficient and start getting the jobs you want:

A. Heather Morton Art Buyer- she is an Independent Art Buyer in Canada. She has great tips for photographers, talks about what they should and should not do when they are contacting the ad agency. She has this Wednesday that she calls "Ask an Art Buyer" and she promises to answer as most questions as she can. You can read her at: http://www.heathermorton.ca/blog/

B. A Photo Editor- he was the Director of Photography at Men's Journal but decided to move on to a better life. He is now focused in his own company called "A Photo Folio" which is a design web site for photographers, architects, designers...mainly art. He is really good about blogging and keeping information for photographers on the go. He is also very positive about the economy in photography. So whoever is getting a little bit down, get your hopes up! You can read him at: http://www.aphotoeditor.com/

C. Fresh Produce: I loved her! I think that she and I are a little bit stressed about producing but never too much to stop loving it. She talks about how much spam she has on her mail, the best way to get to Art Buyers, Art Directors and how not to contact them. She moved to Virginia and a little bit away from advertising but reading about her past in advertising can be very useful. Read about her here: http://artproduce.wordpress.com/

and D. Black Star Rising: Wayne Ford writes about photography. How photographers should talk to the Art Directors, about Branding and how a photographer must present himself before a new client. The article that caught my eye was the one that talks about Direct Mail and it does because Diego talked about it a few days ago. (See his post here). To follow this blog visit: http://rising.blackstar.com/

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