Monday, January 18, 2010

Productive Holiday

I hate it when this happens.
First, I have to coordinate Mexico's VS USA holidays, banks do not open and worst of all, there is a lot more noise around. I sound so Grinch! I know!
But, I found in Twitter that a lot of people were online and a lot of them were trying to get their hands on something, do work, have something to do...

So, in my business specifically this is what I did to productive:

1. I took a look at my oldest contacts and gave them an update. Updated with my latest e-mails and my recent business cards. When going to parties, meetings or meeting people, I usually keep their business cards in my bag. Somehow, I do not manage to keep them in order, so now, I gathered every single business card from every bag I have and captured all information into my Entourage Contact Book. As simple as that.
2. I also updated my activities and my agenda, I checked that every single item I had in my oldest notebooks are in my 2010 agenda. I erased things that didn't matter and wrote down the things that do matter. For example, birthdays, telephone numbers and even addresses! I also write a lot of stuff in my agenda, like directions to go somewhere, who to talk to, I wrote every single item I had where it belongs. Ta-da!
These very first things are so important for my work. I need this stuff to be in order. This is what makes my business keep going and my relations working.

3. I took some time to read interesting subjects I wasn't able to do because I always say "I'm so busy" and do not make time to do it. I read some of the books I had chapters marked by yellow post-its. Although I know I have a lot more to continue reading, I know I'm getting there.

4. Bought some books, I finally ordered them through (hopefully will be here by Thursday) and,

5. Went to Starbucks to meet an old friend of mine, reconnected and felt wonderful. It was very nice to see you Erika. Hope to do it again, very very soon!

You see? Not working can also make you feel productive! :D

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