Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Improvise - even if you have it written

I had a photo shoot today for an editorial publication called Nside. This is the second issue of the magazine after it's release in Austin. So, I have discussed with the Editor what the photos were going to be about...

I had three different set-ups all considering a white coat to be worn:
1. OR: Laser room with suit and white coat.
2. HALLWAY: Suit & white coat and without the white coat.
But, when I got there, the Dr. also had ideas in his mind, he didn't have the white coat that doctors commonly use and he wanted to wear scrubs. I have the experience of clients some what directing the shots so what I had to do was improvise.

What we ended up coming with was:
1. OR: Suit and Scrubs
2. HALLWAY: Only the suit.
3. WALL TEXTURE: Suit and scrubs.

I must say that the previews of the shots look incredible, I absolutely love them!
So, what I do recommend is that if you have a call sheet that says what you are looking for, and sometimes that does not result, do not panic. Things tend to get another result and maybe something you haven't imagined.

I also recommend that when you are shooting people who are way too busy, you get there at least 30 minutes early. It helped Diego and I to have it all covered and set-up with light tests when the Dr. arrived to the office and although he was a little bit late than what we had planned, I must say that it turned out to be okay. Also, I must thank him since he was very patient and so cooperative. Great model!

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  1. How many people worked on this shoot? Seems easy.

  2. 2- Photographer and I
    It was easy.