Friday, June 11, 2010

News about "Town of Clouds"

There is a new video uploaded from Mr. Mando Rayo who was kind enough to interview us a week ago. Mando, I have to thank you for this! I know that you are way busy and that you are waiting for Frijolita, still you took some time off on a rainy day and met with Diego and I to talk a little bit more about "Town of Clouds".

If you do not know much about "Town of Clouds", take some time off, exactly 2 minutes and 36 seconds to listen what Diego and I have to say.

There will be more videos!! And more interviews, so keep logging in to check.
In the meantime, RSVP for the event at:

Good news for all foodies! Casa Chapala will be providing us with delicious antojitos!
And don't forget, tempting CruzTequila with margaritas and shots!

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