Monday, June 21, 2010

Opening Night "Town of Clouds" in Austin, Texas

After tweeting, blogging and facebooking, the event was here.
200 persons walked into the Mexican American Cultural Center Gallery, and were excited to see what Diego had photographed. The incredible thing about this was that not only people who knew Diego came along, but also people who just wanted to see the art because they knew about the event.

I must thank our sponsors:
Casa Chapala - Even with heat and a lot of people, everyone got a taste of delicious Mexican food. Outside was packed!
Cruz Tequila - 2 tequila cases after, and even a little drunk, people left the room with the feeling that the thirst was quenched correctly. Thank you John.

Also the media who took time to write about us:
Austin Statesman - Juan Castillo
Ahora Sí - Tania Lara
Univisión - Leslie Montoya
The Austin Times- Vicky Garza

To our families and to our friends, I was happy to see you all!

Diego: bien bajada la bola.

Here is the video of how it went. Yes, it is the same that Diego has on his blog. He got the material on his hands first and posted it the next day after the opening. Cris and Sahra, thank you. Photos and video would not be possible without you.

Opening Night Town of Clouds from Diego Huerta on Vimeo.

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